Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hawaiian dreams and cabin fever!

Missing Hawaii tonight. Longing for a beach and a lawn chair, or at least an escape from the cold! I was pregnant in the heat of July, too! Even then, I wasn't complaining that much! I did complain a little, but when you're 9 months pregnant and outside is over 100... You have a little justification. Regardless, I know that I'd still much rather have it hot than cold. I don't have to start the car... :)

Soooo while I have been hibernating I made these (among other fabulous items)!

Find these - here - at my etsy shop!

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Flirty pink maze magnetic board, with a perfectly distressed thick antique frame. Truly my favorite new item.
Orange houndstooth infinity scarf. I can't stop making the infinity scarves! This fabric is so comfortable and fashionable.

Making these, a couple of my favorite items from the approximately 14 new products I have added, has almost detracted me from the fact that Benny has been sick for about 4 weeks. I feel so bad for him! My amazing mother came over to help me on Monday so that I could clean, do laundry,  and knock out about 8 errands in 4ish hours, instead of 4 errands in 8ish hours! What an awesome Granny. Make sure to wish her a happy birthday this Saturday!

Another bit of exciting news- a blogger from the London College of Fashion found me and one of my most requested items - the Tiffany Blue Chevron Metallic Magnetic Board - found right here

 We are in the process of working out the details, but she may be doing a product review on her blog! Great news for me!

Go check out her blog too, she has really reviewed some cool items! I'm hoping everything works out, and that I'll be posting a link to my product review in February!
Her blog -

I am also still in the process of trying to figure out where my items are getting pinned on Pinterest?

If you see this pink polka dot board on Pinterest somewhere, let me know!

The Semper Fidelis animal rescue silent auction is coming up in just a few short days! Very excited to be participating! I just remade the item I donated, check it out! 

You are all so awesome! Have a great night, and dream about Hawaiian beaches!
 Aloha `oe, aloha `oe 
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
A ho`i a`e au

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