Thursday, January 24, 2013

Home made detergent? Win.

Quick post!
I can't stop praising this home made laundry detergent I made today! I've done a few loads with it now, and, to my surprise, it smells a little like paradise (thanks to the Fels Naptha). I didn't calculate out how much I am saving or anything like that, but the run down that the author of the site below gives on the cost difference is this: Tide- $.23 a load, Homemade- $.07.

On top of that, I learned that powdered detergent is better on a washing machine anyway! I don't think you can lose making this. It only took me around a half hour! And for those without a sick infant, it may even take you less than 10... :)

So I think I spent about $5 on what I made this time. I mean really? So awesome. Want to make it? Go here!

*I personally added regular baking soda, per another site that suggests blending the shaved Fels soap and baking soda in your food processor if you have one. It just helps it from getting clumpy when mixed with the other ingredients.

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