Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hi everyone! Very excited to start my blog! 

Today was an exceptionally difficult day to start, since little Benny was sick :( Felt very lucky to have Steve home with me, since he has some vacation time. Dad played guitar for Benny while he giggled and smiled! He even seemed to be singing along at one point, or maybe that was just him being the noisy little baby he is... hehe. Besides entertaining and caring for sicky and little sicky (sicky is me, for anyone wondering), I did manage to squeeze in a little frame spray painting for my etsy shop. Hey, I gotta have a small escape from my sicky-ness! I know, I know, spray painting doesn't really seem like a break from anything let alone being sick. Maybe its just the fumes. Hmmm... 

Anyway, I'm just hoping my sinus infection goes away soon! I have been trying home remedies such as oil pulling and clean eating since the other dozen medicines I've tried haven't seemed to help too much! I feel better day by day, thank goodness! I think the worst of it was when I traveled to Dallas (with a sick 5 month old Benny too). So since the worst of it seems to be over, I will not take feeling better for granted!

I'm also very excited to keep tabs on all the fun pinterest, home made, and new etsy stuff I tackle!

Til next time <3

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